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Meet all our On Home Ground guests

D. D. Everest

Journalist and Author D. D. Everest is a successful business journalist and author who has written a number of adult non-fiction books. Archie Green and the Magician's Instruction is his first book for children. Rights have been sold at auction around the world.

Damian Smyth

Poet Damian Smyth is Head of Literature & Drama at the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. He is author of five collections of poetry. Damian Smyth’s collections are Downpatrick Races (Lagan 2000); The Down Recorder (Lagan 2004); Lamentations (Lagan 2010); Market Street (Lagan 2010); and Mesopotamia (Templar 2014). Anthologies in which his work appears include The New North: Contemporary Poetry from Northern Ireland (Wake Forest, 2008), The Watchful Heart (Salmon 2009), The Ulster Anthology (Blackstaff 2006) and The Blackbird’s Nest (Blackstaff/QUB 2006).

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